Because every immigration journey is personal.

Hemrick O’Malley PLLC is an immigration law firm located in New York City. We advocate on behalf of families, workers and persecuted individuals. We understand the journey you’re undertaking and pledge to use all our knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome. Drawing from our knowledge and experience, we offer guidance on the best process for each individual, as demonstrated by the feedback we receive.

Our success is based on our experience, our unwavering commitment to clients, and our personal approach. Our goal is to guide you through the process, step by step, and work to make your journey easier with responsive, caring service and explanations in plain language. As a multi-lingual (French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian) firm, we can often ease the communication gap that makes things more difficult. Waiting is never easy, so we’ll keep you up to date and informed to reduce some of your worry. Clients can reach out to us with questions or concerns at any time.